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Bulbous Bow Installations

Ventura Harbor Boatyard's marine architect designs and engineers bulbous bows for various hull configurations and hull materials. Our metal and fiberglass fabricators install bows to these precise specifications.

Proper design and installation of a bulbous bow decreases hull resistance and thereby reduces the power needed to drive the vessel.  The following pictures illustrate a recent bulbous bow installation to the 87 foot Motor Yacht "Big Flo III". 

Layout and alignment to specifications

   Preparation of the hull 

Placement of tubing and beginning of
the fiberglass layup. The tube is next
filled with foam

Forming the spherical cap, in this case
using a large fender as the mold

Fabricating the fairing for the bow
transitionto the stem. Then, 5/8"of
fiberglass is applied for
additional strength



The fabrication, fiberglassing, and
installation are complete. Prep work
for the gelcoat and painting begins.

Complete! It is projected that bulbous
bows reduce fuel consumption by
ten to twenty percent.

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